Hi, I’m Cieritta Natee. I Am A Virtual Assistant. I will help you overshoot your business goals.

Remote Consulting 365 - Cieritta Natee (CEO)

Remote Consulting 365 LLC.

Taking Care Of The Details So You May Focus On Your Business!

Identify Goals

The first step is where you and I set clear and measurable goals as well as how and when we shall work together to achieve them.

Achieve The Goals

The next step is where you and I work together to achieve these goals by implementing defined strategies and deploying the right tactics.

Business Expansion

The third step is the result: your business' business continuous growth and expansion. This is my mission. This is what we both want.

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About Me

I am here to help!

I am Cieritta Natee, your Virtual Assistant. I am is a detailed oriented individual and I am a conscientious helper. I am sensitive to the needs of others and energetically dedicated to my responsibilities.

I have have over eight (8) years of experience as an Administrative Assistant in various industries, including in the chemical abuse and health industry.

I have an Associate Degree in Business Administration - majoring in Business Administration - from Minneapolis Community Technical College. I am currently pursuing another degree in Mental Health and Chemical Health at Metropolitan University.

What I Do

The mission of Remote Consulting 365, LLC is to provide administrative and technical support services to hep small businesses, start-ups and chemical health substance abuse treatment centers achieve their desired business outcomes.

Virtual Assistant

I will take care of your administrative tasks including research, communication, organization, investigative tasks, etc. My goal is to free your time so that you may focus on your business.

Support Services

I will provide Support to your business team as well as clients to facilitate and ensure the success of your mission. I work with startups, private, small business & the public sector. I am solution oriented and a problem solver with attention to details.

Substance Abuse

I love to support chemical health substance abuse treatment centers. I am currently working on obtaining my License as an Alcohol Drug Counselor. I will also provide support to Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.

Your First Consultation Is On Me

Why Choose Me?

I have over eight (8) years of experience in the administrative field support capacity across several industries. I also am presently studying to obtain a License as Mental Health and Chemical Abuse Counselor.

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